10 Ways to Use Muslin Wraps

Organic Muslin Wraps

Muslin Wraps is one of the practical must-haves when preparing for your baby’s arrival. Other than being soft and lightweight, it can be used in ways well beyond swaddling. We stock some beautiful GOTS certified organic muslin and jersey wraps from Snuggle Hunny Kids. Here are 10 ways we use ours. 

1. Swaddle

Of course, the main use for a muslin wrap is to swaddle the baby. For us, they were a dream especially during the first two months of birth in keeping our babies contained while sleeping.

Swaddling helps mimic the conditions in the womb. Swaddling them keeps them tight, cosy and warm, so it gives your bub a sense of security as they become accustomed to their new surroundings.  Swaddling also helps prevent the little ones from waking themselves from their startle reflexes and from scratching .

All these helps the baby sleep better, and a baby that sleeps well means a happier mummy 😊

2. Blanket 

When your baby grows and no longer need to be swaddled, you can use it as a blanket for their naps in the stroller when out in the shopping malls.

3. Nursing Cover

Our muslin wraps measure 120cm x 120cm in size - sufficiently large to be used as a nursing cover.  They helped our little ones from being distracted while feeding, and also provided privacy whether outside or at home. Our muslin wraps are also breathable and lightweight to avoid overheating for both mum and bub while nursing.

Having pretty prints on the muslin wraps is also a plus factor so that the mummy looks good while feeding  😉

4. Burp Cloth

My daughter spit up often after feedings in the first few months. That meant I had to be armed and ready to catch any spit up to keep us dry. Drape it over your shoulder before you burp your child, so that your baby’s spit-ups won’t dirty your clothes. Our muslin wraps are machine washable so they’re easy to clean. 

5. Changing Mat

Almost all public changing tables we’ve been to are void of changing mat liners to keep it clean, and I want to lay my baby down on a clean surface. I fold up my muslin wrap and use it as a mat under my baby for diaper changers. It also helps give a softer and warmer surface for her to lie on.

6. High Chair / Supermarket Trolley Seat Cover

Eating out and the high chair doesn’t look the cleanest? You can cover the changing table or the high chair with the muslin. Of course, it is recommended to use two different wraps to cover the table and the high chair for hygiene purposes. 

7. Stroller Shade Cover

To limit stimulation while the baby is trying to sleep in the stroller, spread a muslin cloth over it. It creates a glare/distraction-free little cave while the bub takes a snooze. Being made of organic muslin, it allows air flow so the baby stays comfortable. They’re also great for filtering the harsh sun. 

8. Table Cloth

We've also used them as table cloths for art and craft activities or water sensory play. They are large and highly absorbent so they soak up spills and messes really well.

9. Emergency Towel

Ever found yourself in a situation where you kid spilled an entire bowl of soup all over himself in a restaurant? I did, and boy was I glad I had a muslin cloth stashed in my diaper bag.

10. Play

The use for muslin wraps does not stop at babyhood. My preschoolers love using their wraps as capes when playing superheroes, Red Riding Hood or as Elsa and Anna. My daughter uses the wrap to swaddle her soft toys, exactly like how her mommy used to do it  Sometimes, they lay it out as picnic mats for their tea parties, sometimes they use them to create tents for themselves and their little soft toys.  

With your little babies, you can use these wraps to play peekaboo with them, it’s sure to gather loads of laughter from them.


Muslin baby wraps are a must-have for newborns, but their versatility stretches far beyond the humble swaddle, extending into countless uses that do little with swaddling. Shop our swaddles here