Donut Stacker
Donut Stacker

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Donut Stacker

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Made in Russia by an artisan carpenter, this adorable stacker looks like a set of macarons!

This stacker consists of 5 donut rings in shades of green, white and beiges, a wooden ball and a central pole with a natural coloured bottom ring. It is made from linden wood and hand painted with Biofa certified child-safe paints.

It will help your little one train their sorting by size and stacking, spatial awareness, fine motor skills and build hand-eye coordination. This beautiful stacker will bring hours of play for your little toddler.

As these are painted individually by hand, the actual patterns may differ slightly from pictured. Enjoy its unique nature, it's one of a kind in the world.

Measures 18.2cm x 8.2cm.